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The database search failed due to an unexpected error.

This is the HTML code that was being processed:

<mgiSearchDatabase databaseName="reviews" 
keyFieldName="ThreadID" pagevariablename="IDvar"
 orderByField="ID" reverseOrder="No"
resultsPerPage="500" page="1" 

<font size=2 face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"> 

<mgiif lhs="&mgiDBFieldMainThread;" relationship="equals" rhs="0">

<mgiif lhs="&mgiDBFieldMainThread;" relationship="equals" rhs="True">
  <mgiif lhs="&mgiDBFieldEmail;" relationship="isnotempty">
  <a href=";" target=_new>Click to read more<br>
 <img src=";" height=200 align=left></a>


<img src="../Images/folder.gif"> 

<mgiset name="sub">&mgiDBFieldSubject;</mgiset>
 &nbsp; &nbsp;<img src="../Images/file.gif">

<a href="#&mgiDBFieldID;">
</a> </b>

<mgiif lhs={mgiGet name="c"} relationship="equals" rhs="0">

(by &mgiDBFieldAuthor; 

<mgiif lhs="&mgiDBFieldAuthor;" relationship="contains" rhs="[">

) </font>

<font size=1 face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"> 


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